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A full service accounting firm  dedicated to meeting your accounting, auditing and tax needs.

Suzan C. Dennis, CPA

Managing Partner – Dennis & Dennis, LLP from 1998 forward.  Working on accounting, tax and forensic accounting needs of our clients.

Instructor for CALCPA Education Foundation teaching all levels of accounting, fraud and ethics courses.

Program Adviser and Instructor UCSD, Accounting Certification Program. 

Ernst & Young, LLP Alumni, San Diego Office 

o Masters of Science in Accountancy, San Diego State University
o Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Washington
o Bachelors of Arts in Economics, University of Washington
o University of California San Diego – Extension
o National University, all levels of accounting
o San Diego State University, managerial accounting

Robert E. Dennis, CPA

Senior Partner – Dennis & Dennis, LLP from 1998 forward. Working audit and tax needs of our clients as well as litigation support.

California CPA with additional certifications as for Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

Deloitte & Touche, LLP Alumni

Bachelors in Business Administration, Ohio State University

Industry Experience
o CFO of a municipal bond rating corporation on NYSE
o President of an insurance, leasing and motor club corporation on NASDAQ
o Founder and President of a restaurant and distribution chain
o Member, Board of Directors of NYSE corporation
o Managed investments of over $300 million

Customer Testimonials

Kathy Thompson has been our corporate accountant for many years. Her services have helped my business become financially organized so that we can make accurate business decisions. Kathy has helped us to solve some of our accounting processes and has made recommendations on our business strategies that has helped us grow our business. She has a strong dedication to her job and always takes time to answer questions. Kathy is exceptional at what she does and we are happy that she is part of our team! I would recommend her for any tax/accounting services that you may need.

Tracey Delisle