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Professional Financial Help

Since 1993, Dennis & Dennis have been successfully providing financial services to our clients with years of expertise, people fully trust us. Our friendly and professional team will help you set your financial goals and make them a reality. We specialize not only in investments but also in
planning, giving financial advice, and achieving goals you set for your business.

Your Business is in Good Hands

Our Company, located in Rancho Bernardo San Diego, California, is a full service
Accounting and Financial company that provides accounting, bookkeeping and financial expertise
for both corporate and small businesses .

Providing Financial Consulting

Dennis & Dennis not only offers first-class financial and accounting solutions but
also provides its clients with business consulting services
and planning, which makes us your preferred choice as confidential financial provider.


Plan your spendings and learn how to get more income and profit with the help of our financial experts.



Whether you are looking for financial support or want to hire a specialist in corporate finance, we are here to help.



No matter what you need, a house, an apartment or an office – we have an investment strategy you.



Looking for a way to achieve financial business growth? Let us put our expertise to good use.


Improve your business strategies

Whether you are just starting out as a new business owner or you have successfully been running one for quite some
time, there are always new ways that can help you improve business strategies of your company.

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